The Groom's Checklist

So you thought popping the big question or, hey, even answering it was all the work you had to do? Buddy, you've got another thing coming! These to-dos are just the beginning for you and your friends. Feel free to lend a hand to your frazzled fiancé - find a great band, take on the seating chart - trust us, she'll thank you later!

Groom's Checklist

The Groom

  • Draw up wedding guest list and have your family make out theirs.
  • Discuss and choose a wedding date; talk with your fiancé about who's paying for what.
  • After you and your fiancé have decided how many attendants you're having, invite friends or family to be the best man and ushers in the wedding.
  • Arrange for your parents to get together with the bride's parents, if they haven't met.
  • Go shopping: take your bride to check out formal wear for yourself and the men.
  • Shop till you drop. Choose gifts for the best man and ushers and hand them out before the wedding.
  • Choose the bride's wedding present. Make sure it's personal and suits her style.
  • Select your wedding rings with the bride and have them engraved with both of your initials and the date of the wedding.
  • Keep your parents in the loop on wedding plans - Mom will be grateful for any details.
  • Apply for the marriage license weeks before the big day and give it to the best man the day of the wedding.
  • Make sure you and the bride have all the necessary documents you need to get married.
  • Spend time looking over your insurance papers (car, life, medical, home). Things will probably change once you go from "single" to "married."
  • Tell attendants when and where the wedding rehearsal will be held.
  • Provide the clergyman's fee and give it to the best man the day of the wedding.
  • Be sure you and the bride sign the wedding certificate and put it safely away before taking off on your honeymoon.
  • Consider sending a thank you note to your bride's parents the day you leave, telling them how much you appreciate their contributions to the wedding.
  • Plan the honeymoon. Start booking it early! 
"The Groom's Checklist" reproduced from Modern Bride Magazine April-May, 2000 Issue

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