Checklist for the Groomsmen

What the men in your wedding party need to know! They have an important role to play in making sure events run smoothly, or at least appear to be!  The groom should be confident he can enjoy the evening with his bride.

Groomsmen Checklist

The Best Man

  • Plan the bachelor party. Never, never hold it the night before the wedding.
  • Organize the ushers; discuss special seating arrangements during the rehearsal.
  • Keep a close eye on the wedding ring. If there's a ring bearer, make sure that he carries out his instructions properly (especially if he's only three years old).
  • Make sure the groom has the marriage license and clergyman's fee ready the day of the wedding. Hold on to them for him.
  • Help the groom get ready for the wedding. Take the couple's luggage to the checkroom or car and bring the groom's going-away clothes to the reception.
  • Confirm honeymoon reservations, connections, etc.
  • Make sure the groom gets to the ceremony on time. Please, resist all urges to intoxicate him before he exchanges vows; the bride will be really angry.
  • Offer a toast, one that will encourage others to follow your fine example.       

The Ushers

  • Arrive one hour before the ceremony. Pin on your boutonnieres.
  • Read over the typed list of guests who will occupy reserved pews, if applicable.
  • Next, usher. For ultra-formal ceremonies, stand at the door and ask each arriving female guest if she is a friend of the bride or groom. Escort each woman to a seat on the left side if she is a friend of the bride; right side for the groom.
  • If there are more guests on one side than the other, seating may be mixed. For less formal ceremonies, greet guests and help them find seats.

"The Groom's Checklist" reproduced from Modern Bride Magazine April-May, 2000 Issue

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